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 Method of Constructing a Regular Hexagon

Method I

By using a T-square and a 30o -60o set-square only sketch a line AB equal to the specified length of a side. So from point A, draw line, A1 and A2, making 60o and 120o angles, respectively along with AB. From B, draw lines B3 and B4, making 60o and 120o angles, respectively, along with AB as in diagram.


From O, the point of intersection of A1 and B3, draw a line parallel to AB and intersecting A2 at F and B4 at C. From F, draw a line parallel to BC and intersecting B3 at E. From C, draw a line parallel to AF and intersecting A1 at D. Sketch a line joining E and D. ABCDEF is the desired hexagon.

Method II

By using a compass, take a point O as the center, a radius equal to the specified length of a side and draw a circle. Along with the same radius and starting from any point on the circle, set off six (6) divisions as A, B, C, D, E


And F on the circle. Join AB, BC, CD, DE, EF and FA. ABCDEF is desired hexagon.

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