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Gear Force Analysis - Force Analysis in Helical Gears

Force Analysis in Helical Gears:

A helical gear can be left handed or right handed. Figure 3(a) illustrated a left handed helical gear. It might be a driver or driven gear. Let us consider that this is a driver gear. The normal force on the tooth F32 may be resulted in three components as radial tangential, and axial. It can be supposed to be acting along with the diagonal of a parallalopiped. The parallelopiped is illustrated by dotted lines along one corner at the pitch point. It is illustrated enlarged in Figure 3(b). The normal reaction on the tooth F32 has been illustrated along the diagonal EP. The angle EPF is equivalent to the pressure angle 'φ' & ∠ GPF in the horizontal plane shall be equivalent to the helix angle 'ψ'. The components2213_Force Analysis in Helical Gears.png will be along the lines GP, CP and AP, respectively. Initially force 'F32' can be resolved in the vertical plane passing by the lines FP & CP.

1487_Force Analysis in Helical Gears1.png

(i)                                               (ii)

Figure 3 : Helical Gear Forces

Hence, the radial component

                       214_Force Analysis in Helical Gears2.png                                                . . . (4)

Here φ is normal helix angle.

1200_Force Analysis in Helical Gears3.png

  ∠GPF = Helix angle ' ψ '

Hence, the tangential component is given by following

            299_Force Analysis in Helical Gears4.png                    . . . (5)

 The axial component is given by following

                1831_Force Analysis in Helical Gears5.png     . . . (6)

As explained in the last section, the tangential component may be estimated from driving torque and tooth load may be measured from it. So,

                   1739_Force Analysis in Helical Gears6.png                . . . (7)

           2455_Force Analysis in Helical Gears7.png. . . (8)


                            806_Force Analysis in Helical Gears8.png         . . . ( 9)

Direction of the components

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