Force Analysis in Bevel Gears Assignment Help

Gear Force Analysis - Force Analysis in Bevel Gears

Force Analysis in Bevel Gears:

A bevel gear drive is utilized for intersecting shafts. The gears of a simple bevel gear drive are indicated in diagram 6. The two of the gears of simple bevel gears are illustrated separated from each other. The included cone angle for gear 2 is 2γ2 and for the gear is 2γ3. The normal tooth load has been indicated. This force can be supposed to act at the mean pitch radius of the pinion. The tangential component will have the line of action perpendicular to the plane of the paper and it may be estimated along the help of the angular speed, power and pitch circle radius of the driver.

1761_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears.png

here φ is the pressure angle.

That means

904_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears1.png

here γ2 is the semi-cone angle.

For gear 3

1999_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears2.png

1490_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears3.png

Figure 6: Bevel Gear Forces

All these three components namely  737_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears4.pngand1175_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears5.png have been illustrated acting in Figure 7.

1135_Force Analysis in Bevel Gears6.png

       Figure 7: Force Component on the Bevel Gear

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