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Impact of Floods

Floods are natural hazards which are not, in and of themselves, disasters, but they could transform a vulnerable situation into a disaster. The vulnerability of a human settlement is determined through its exposure to flooding. The basic effects are power failure, electrocution and short circuit because of water logging in flooded areas as well as around the substation grids. In Table, we summaries the impact of natural calamities on power utilities.

                               Table: Impact of Natural Calamities on Power Distribution Utilities and Their Roles


Primary impact

Secondary impact


Structural collapse and collisions;

Injury and death.

Landslides; Fires; Tsunamis; Floods;

Power failure.

Cyclone / Storm

Destruction of human settlements;

Death and injuries by drowning, Structural collapses;

Flying objects.

Mudslides; Power failure.




Inundated farmlands; Washing away of irrigation



Change in the course of rivers or streams.

Mudslides; Epidemics; Power failure; Short circuits; Electrocution.

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