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Data Collection/Compilation of Existing System:

For convenience in operation and administration, the area covered through a circle is divided into divisions and sub-divisions although the electrical network in the circle remains one single linked entity. It is likely that some feeder(s)/substation(s) might get interconnected to other circles through switch (es)/ metered point(s) that may be provided for the reasons. Detailed data about the existing power system should be collected in respect of the following:

a          Category-wise number of consumers and connected load, involving the bulk consumer details such as

1          Contract Demand;

2          Maximum Demand;

3          Energy Consumption; and

4          Supply Voltage.

b          Peak demand MW/ MVAR - simultaneous and non simultaneous

c          Annual Energy Consumption - Energy balance sheet

d          Geographical Map (to scale) of the area depicting Transmission and Sub-transmission System.

e          Source(s) of power supply/Grid substation(s) supplying power to the area

1          Existing substations;

2          Existing lines.

f           Sub-transmission System

1          Existing 66-33/11 kV substations and existing 66-33 kV lines;

2          Under construction substations;

3          Under construction 66/33/11 kV lines.

g          Distribution System

1          11 kV lines;

2          Distribution transformers; and

3          LT lines.

h          Operational Parameters

1          Substation equipment status;

2          66/33 kV feeder breakdowns;

3          Failure of distribution transformers;

4          Tripping on 11 kV feeders/ lines; and

5          Consumer outages.

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