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Considerations for project development:

You have learnt about the considerations for project development previously. The similar factors should be kept in mind although preparing DPRs. We list them all here at one place:

  • Planning studies might cover a distribution circle/ or an urban area;
  • Planning and design of distribution system should meet load growth and ensure

-          Voltage conditions to be inside permissible levels,

-          Optimum energy losses,

-          Least whole cost system;

  • Improvement in reliability/security and quality of power supply;
  • Safety of operation;
  • Evolving a load management and scientific automation system;
  • Better customer service;
  • Energy accounting/energy audit;
  • Network documentation - single line diagram or geographical map up to 11 kV level;
  • Estimation of T&D losses or segregation of losses;
  • Technical power loss reduction (short term);
  • Commercial power loss reduction;
  • Improvement of voltage profile;
  • Mapping of the system, data collection and validation of data;
  • Analysis of existing system;
  • Voltage variation/regulation study;
  • Technical losses in the system;
  • Load forecast;
  • upgrading the network/expansion of network;
  • Technology options including integration of modernization of system such as

-          LT less System and High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS),

-          Installation of shunt capacitors,

-          Technology option for holding theft such as Aerial Bunched Cables (ABC),

-          Automatic Meter Reading (AMR),

-          Demand Side Management (DSM),

-          Communication facilities,

-          Management Information System (MIS),

-          Consumer Interface Automation,

-          Distribution Automation,

-          Harnessing Distributed Generation,

-          Customer Relationship Management Systems,

-          Reliability Analysis,

-          Training of Personnel;

  • Evaluation of several alternatives for least cost optimal system;
  • Firming up of scope of works & their prioritization;
  • Preparation of cost estimates;
  • Phasing of works and their cost;
  • Financial analysis; and finally
  • Preparation of DPR.

You have a fair knowledge of most of these factors from your experience we now describe the process of DPR preparation. Field study, data collection and its analysis are the first steps in the procedure.

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