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Applications Of Expert System

Interactive Design Advisors

In the interactive mode, the expert system shell or a run time module of the inference engine and knowledge base is executed from inside the CAD system. The general structure of the on-line designer's assignment in which designer, utilizing the CAD system, may decide to invoke an expert system or the expert system may be invoked automatically like a consequence of a number of actions or decision of the designer. The run time inference engine executes the rule base; forward chaining is most frequently utilized in these applications. To fulfill the situations of the rules, the inference engine requires data. These data are acquired in the given hierarchical order as:

  • If the essential data are contained in the CAD model, currently in employ by the designer, these data are utilized to satisfy the rules.
  • If all essential data are not contained in the current CAD model or in the relational database, the inference engine or inquires asks the user for the needed data.

For such integrated system to work, this is clear that the entities or objects must be explained consistently in the CAD model, in the relational database and in the rule-base. Attributes must be consistently explained in the relational database and in the rule base. Thus, data model and data dictionaries are desired to control the entities or definitions and attributes.

If each data desired to satisfy the rule base and to reach a conclusion are available to the inference engine from either the CAD model or relational database, then no questions will be asked of the designer who simply observes the resulting advice or suggestions displayed on the screen. The user observes questions displayed on the CAD screen, f all the data essential to reach a conclusion are not available from the CAD model or the relational database. Such process is reached till a conclusion is reached.

                                                    1961_Applications Of Expert System.png

                                                            Diagram of: On-line Designer’s Assistance

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