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The major concepts covered in this unit are as follows:

  • The Earth's energy resource base comprises the Sun's energy as the principal source of energy on our planet, fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, biomass (such as wood, agricultural waste, etc.), and wind, water, nuclear energy, geo-thermal energy and tidal energy. Of these, oil, coal, natural gas and hydro-power are the main resources for generating electricity in our country. These resources could be categorized as primary and secondary, renewable and non-renewable, and commercial and non-commercial.
  • The reserve/production (R/P) ratio for every type of energy resource is acquired through dividing its reserves remaining at the end of the year through its production in that year. It tells us how long these resources would last at the present rates of production and consumption. For world, the coal, oil and natural gas reserves are expected to last for over 250 years, 20 years and 28 years, correspondingly.
  • In view of the depleting energy resources and the adverse impact of energy production and usage on the environment, energy conservation is advocated as a practice for ensuring judicial usage of energy, and decreasing the quantity of energy consumed although achieving a same outcome of end-use.
  • Some of the adverse environmental effects of energy associated activities involve global warming and climate change due to the increase in greenhouse gases in the environment, and air, water and land pollution.
  • Improving energy efficiency in both supply and demand sides is a key to energy conservation without compromising the quality of life in a society that has energy as its lifeline. This coupled along with the use of environment- friendly energy options forms the cornerstone of a sustainable energy future.
  • Ensuring energy security for all is an extremely significant goal for our country. The primary aim of energy security for a nation is to give enough energy for all while decreasing its dependence on the imported energy sources for its economic growth. For this, we required to secure access to all sources of energy as well as access technologies to give a diverse supply of reliable, environmentally and affordable sustainable energy. We also required using the least amount of energy to give services and cut down energy losses.
  • Our energy strategy should have immediate, medium-term and long-term goals to meet our energy requires at affordable costs both economic and environmental. Energy conservation efforts would form the cornerstone of the energy strategy.
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