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Ellipse Construction via Concentric Circle Method:

Known the major axis AB and the minor axis CD. Using the center of the ellipse point O like center describe circles having the major and minor axes as diameters. Divide the circles into equal central angles and draw diametrical lines such as P1P2. From point P1 on the circumference of the larger circle,


Draw a line parallel to CD, the minor axis, and from point P′1, at that the diameter P1P2 intersects the inner circle, draw a line parallel to AB, the major axis. The point of intersection of such lines, point E, is on the desired ellipse. At point P2 and P′2, repeat the similar procedure and locate point F. Hence, two points are established though line P1 P2. Situate at least five points in each of the four quadrants. The ellipse is completed via drawing a smooth curve along with the points. This is one of the much more accurate methods.

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