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Feedback and Noise:


Response and feedback fully the two-way process of communication. It is by the feedback in which the source (sender) comes to know if his/her message was correctly received and understood. In that case it is found that the message has been received incorrectly, it is possible to make corrections then, if the response is timely.

In common, any communication can result in a desired change, an undesired change or no change. We assumed communication as successful only while it produces the desired response.


Surrounding whole spectrum of communication is the noise which can affect the accuracy and fidelity of the message communicated. Noise is any factor which disturbs, confuses or otherwise interferes with communication. It could arise at any stage in the communication process. The sender may not be able to encode the message properly or s/he might not be properly audible. The message may get distorted through other sounds in the environment. The receiver may not hear the message, or comprehend it in a manner not entirely intended by the sender of the message. The channel might create interference by 'filtering', i.e., permitting some information to pass by and disallowing others. In any case, there is so much of noise or interference in the entire process that there is every possibility of the communication being distorted. We shall see later in this unit why distortion takes place and what could be done to minimize the distortion of communication.

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