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Critical Success Factor

Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are primary those which play a significant role in the success of an organization. We must know that it is extremely important for organizations that really matter in the success of that organization. CSFs as they are popularly known are the necessary areas of activity that must be performed well if one is to achieve the mission, objectives or goals for ones organization or project. If one is able to identify the CSFs one can easily create a general reference point that will in turn help direct and measure the success of ones organization or project. This becomes significant as everyone in the organization will know what exactly is significant and will work in ones own way in reaching the goal. D. Ronald Daniel in the 1960s floated the idea of CSFs and the credit of making it popular goes to John F.Rockart of MITs Sloan School of Management. This has now become an significant tool for implementing strategies in the organization.


Definition Role of CSFs in Performance Benchmarking
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