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Accident Prevention

The art of electrical accident avoiding has been founded primarily on the investigation of accidents through professionally qualified engineers. The science of accident prevention is based on a logical analysis of their reports. That takes great skill and determination to steer an organization into a safer regime. At the extremely least it needs the best probable information feedback from the workplace while the hazards exist. This needs attention to be paid to several audit and management information controls.

A utility should have a contingent plan and system for dealing along with any emergency. It should clearly spell out the reasons and scope, and the activities to be undertaken in case of emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness and Response


Establishing a system for dealing along with emergency conditions to minimize hazards to human health and safety.


Applicable to any fire, explosion or other disaster leading to emergency situation, that means, any important on-routine situation that endangers the personnel, property, other interested parties or surrounding environment. These might arise as a result of explosion, fire, etc. For personnel injuries/ medical emergencies, separate procedures required to be followed.


1.  Identify potential accident conditioned emergency situations for the activities in various departments in consultation along with the concerned supervisor/Head of Team.

2.  Make all concerned personnel aware of the important risk attached to their area of work which may lead to emergency situation.

3. Discuss the situations along with concerned team head and make emergency plans.

4. Check the emergency preparedness and response to like situations and clearly identify responsibilities although preparing emergency plans.

5. Provide controls for and mitigate the safety hazards related along with the activity.

6. Train the personnel in dealing along with emergency situations as per the emergency plan - through carrying out periodic drills, i.e., mock-drills/fire drills, etc. (at least once a year), creating emergency situations and remaining records.

One particularly meaningful management tool is to collect and analyze data on all 'near miss' incidents. There are several more of these than there will be of actual accidents. Provided that one can get those included to be forthcoming about these incidents, a great deal of useful information can be gathered about an organization's robustness and fitness to avoid accidents. It is likely to be much more revealing than trying to identify the weaknesses after the accidents themselves.

The prevention of accidents is actually much more significant than the technical discipline of identifying risk and adopting the right technical solutions to counter those hazards. It is also significant from the point of view of the costs involved.

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You have studied about several safety procedures. You might like to quickly review them before studying further. You will agree in which the best method of prevention of accidents is training, retraining and more training. We now spell out some measures that could help in the prevention of electrical accidents.

One of the best ways to avoid an accident is to think ahead. As you plan your job, take a moment to identify any potential hazards. Are you working near overhead lines? Could there be cables buried nearby? Are your tools in good condition? Taking the essential time to plan a job may help avoid later problems caused through an accident. This approach supplemented through observing safe practices should go a long way in avoiding accidents.

We now elaborate some good housekeeping precautions which can help avoid accidents.


General Measures for Preventing Accidents Proper Handling of Equipment
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