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Load Data:

The load data should cover the monthly, daily and hourly details of energy or peak power in the electrical system of the circle. The several operational and load data required are:

1  peak load on each transformer/ feeder and corresponding actual voltage;

2  diversity factor at various voltage levels;

3  power factor at various voltage levels; and

4  load factor and loss load factor at various voltage levels.

The load data could be acquired from the log sheets managed at each 33/11 kV substation. The data could also be acquired more accurately from logging kind electronic energy meters, if available in the system.

The planning studies should be based on actual feeder load conditions and measurements taken at several points in the system. Load data in respect of distribution transformers might be compiled through using tong-tester and/ or by installing meters on LT side of distribution transformer.

The 33/11 kV and 66/11 kV substations and 11 kV feeders are to be fitted along with electrostatic meters along with data logging facilities. The daily, monthly and annual load curves considering the seasonal variation will have to be analysed from the logged data on these meters to compute the system average and peak demands.

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