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Sectoral Overview and Enabling Framework


Electrical power is necessary for economic development and for improving the quality of life. Electrical is the key input to any economic activity in organization, agriculture, trade, commerce or the service sector. A rapidly developing economy such as ours faces an ever-increasing demand for electrical power. There has been tremendous augmentation and improvement in capacity addition and transmission and distribution network since independence. Therefore, we still have important shortage of power supply in our country. Whole of us face the ever-increasing problem of power cuts and no power supply. What measures are required to cater to this demand for electricity?

What are the key issues and challenges that need to be addressed to provide reliable and good quality power supply? What steps can be taken to meet the challenges before the power sector? We should attempt to find answers to these questions in this unit. It is our summary that armed along with an understanding of these issues; you will be better prepared to handle the problems in the power sector.


Distribution of Electricity in Industry Guidelines for ERCs
Key Issues And Challenges Before The Distribution Sector Power Generation
Summary Supply of Electricity in Industry
Tariff Determination The electricity center global overview
Trading of Electricity in Industry Transmission and Distribution
Transmission of Electricity in Industry
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