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Robotics and artificial intelligence

A ROBOT IS A SET OF MACHINES WORKING together, which performs certain tasks. Some people imagine robots as having 2 legs, a head, 2 arms with functional end effectors (hands), an artificial voice, and an electronic brain. The technical name for the humanoid robot is android. Androids are within realm of technological possibility, but most robots are structurally simpler than, and do not look or behave like, people.

An electronic brain, also called as artificial intelligence (AI), is more than mere fiction, due to the explosive evolution of computer hardware and software. But even the smartest computer these days would make an animal seem brilliant by comparison. Some of the scientists think computers and robots may become as smart as, or smarter than, human beings. Others believe that the human brain and mind are more complicated than anything which can be duplicated with the electronic circuits.

Asimov’s three laws Independent or dependent
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