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Properties of Conductors and Insulators:

Conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics or insulators are the most common materials used in electronic and electrical devices. In this unit, the properties and characteristics of the above materials are being presented. Here you will get acquainted with various definitions, applications, types and properties of conductors, insulators and semiconductors. In this unit, semiconductor properties are being described in short. You will learn about semi-conductor. In next section of this unit we will acquaint you with the important basic electrical properties such as resistance, inductance and capacitance of a material. Concepts of resistance, inductance and capacitance will be discussed in this unit with adequate theory and examples.


After studying this unit, you should be able to

  • explain the basic definitions of conductors and insulators,
  • understand the capacitance, types and properties of conductors and insulator,
  • define the concept of resistance,
  • define the self and mutual inductance,
  • establish the relation for different series and parallel arrangement of inductors,
  • define the concept of capacitance, and
  • Distinguish among inductive and capacitive reactance.


Capacitance Classification of Materials
Inductance Resistance
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