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Electronic Circuits:

Despite of the dominance of digital circuits in Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication, analog circuits are indispensable in several applications such as amplification, rectification, continuous-time filters, A/D and D/A converters and signal conditioning. Therefore, It is necessary to learn basic discrete analog electronic circuits as well as some most versatile analog building blocks such as the IC op-amp and the IC timer. In this unit, we will discuss rectifiers and basic transistor amplifiers in the domain of discrete electronic circuits and IC op-amp, IC voltage regulator and IC timer, in the category of analog integrated circuits. We shall also briefly discuss the inverter, the electro-mechanical microphones, speakers and piezo-electric transducers.


After studying this unit, you should be able to

  • understand several rectifier circuits,
  • explain an inverter, electromechanical microphones, speakers and piezo-electric transducers,
  • understand the basic transistor amplifier configurations,
  • analyze several circuits using ideal op-amps,
  • understand the characteristics of ideal and practical op-amps,
  • understand the internal circuit of µA 741 IC op-amp,
  • understand the importance of several non ideal parameters of the IC
  • op-amps and their effect on the performance op-amp circuits,
  • describe the working of regulators,
  • understand the circuit and applications of the IC regulator µA 723,
  • understand the internal block diagram of IC timer 555 and understand its various modes of operation, and
  • understand astable and mono stable modes of operation of IC 555 timer.


IC Timer Inverter
Microphones Operational Amplifiers and their Applications
Piezo-electrical Transducers Rectifier Circuits
Speakers Transistor Amplifier Circuits
Voltage Regulator Circuits
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