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Reduction and Enlargement Scales:

Whenever the drawings are set to a size smaller than the real size of the objects, they are described to have been drawn to a Reduction Scale. Objects as like buildings, town plans, bridges, maps of countries, large machine parts and their assemblies are usually drawn to decrease scales. Whenever a drawing completed is of a larger size than the object, that a drawing is identified an enlarged drawing or a drawing made on an Enlargement Scale. For immediate, if a profile of the tooth of a wrist-watch pinion is being drawn, it will be extremely difficult, whether not impossible, to draw it to the full size since even the point of a pencil will be thicker than the tooth itself. Correspondingly, the integrated circuit of an electronic component cannot be ready to its full size. Hundreds of transistors, diodes, and another component are placed and connected in as small a chip like 1 sq cm. Consequently, in such cases; drawings are prepared much larger rather than the real size of the objects. Such type of drawings are identified as enlargement drawings or like drawings made on enlarged scales.

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