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Drawing-Sheet and Layout:

Drawing-sheet or drawing-paper must be of uniform thickness along with an excellent finish. Drawing-paper is prepared in a variety of qualities. The paper utilized for drawing depends completely upon the character of the drawing, its reason, and its employ. For ordinary pencil drawings, the drawing paper must be strong and tough, have uniform thickness and be like white as possible. While a rubber eraser is used upon it, its fibers must not disintegrate. One side of the drawing-paper is generally rough and the other smooth. The smooth surface is the appropriate side for drawing. For preparing ammonia or Ferro prints, drawings are prepared in ink on tracing-paper or tracing-cloth. Inking may be done also upon ordinary drawing-paper. For the inking reason, good quality smooth paper, on that ink does not spread, must be used.

Border and Frame Layout of Drawing Sheets
Sizes of Drawing-sheets Title Block
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