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Drafting Machine:

The advantages and uses of T-square, scale and set-square, protractor are combined in the drafting machine. The drafting machine is currently-a-days commonly utilized via college students and draughtsman, since it eliminates the utilization of T-square, scale and set-square, protractor. It's one end is clamped along with means of a screw to the distant longer edge of the drawing-board. At it's another end, a changeable head or H having protractor marking is fitted. Two blades or B of transparent celluloid exactly set at right angles to every other are attached to the head. The machine has a device or mechanism or M that keeps the two blades forever parallel to their original position, whenever they are moved on the board. The blades have scales marked upon them and are utilized like straight edges. During some machines, the blades are removable, and thus a variety of scales can be required.

The blades may be set at any type of desired angle along with facilitate of the protractor markings. Therefore, with means of this machine, vertical, horizontal or inclined parallel lines of desired lengths can be drawn anywhere on the sheet along with considerable ease and saving of time.

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