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  • Disasters in the power sector can occur due to natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, storms, cyclones, droughts as well as human acts like terrorist threats/attack and sabotage, bomb threats and bomb explosions, strikes, main equipment failure and etc.
  • Every utility must have in place a Disaster Management Plan with well- defined objectives. It should set up a Disaster Management System which has clearly spelt out disaster preparedness activities and post-disaster measures for each kind of disaster.
  • The Disaster Management Plan of a utility should include measures for restoring power supply fast in crucial areas, the resources needs and instructions for all personnel included.
  • A 4-tier structure at the national, regional, state and local levels should be in place for management of disasters with intervention and response depending on the severity of the disaster/calamity. Although the central and regional level interventions are necessitated for major calamities, the state and local agencies should respond to minor incidents.
  • Disaster Management Groups should be constituted at all levels along with clearly spelt out responsibilities.
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