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Development of a Truncated Cone:


(a)  Sketch the two views of the given cone.

(b)  Divide the base of the cone in equal number of parts or as 12 and situate the corresponding generators in elevation and plan.

(c)  Situate the intersection points a' b' c' etc. in the elevation at that the generators are cut.

(d) Represent the lateral surface of the finish cone with a sector of a circle that radius is equal to the slant height and mark off circumference via taking 1/12th of base circle like arc to finish the development.

(e)  Transfer the points ABC etc. onto the development with finding their true distance from the apex of the cone or as like to find out the true length of o´c´ sketch horizontal via c´ to intersect o´ 1´ at p´ and on the generator 03 mark the distance oc equal to o´p´.

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