Functions of Machine Tool Structure Assignment Help

Design of Machine Structures - Functions of Machine Tool Structure

Functions of Machine Tool Structure

Machine tool structure contains bed, columns, box type housings, base, over-arms, carriages, tables etc. The structures are categorized into three categories according to their functions:

Category 1

An element, on which several subassemblies are mounted, falls under this category. For instance: bed and base.

Category 2

Elements contain box type housings in which individual parts are assembled fall within this category. For instance: spindle head and Speed box housing etc.

Category 3

Elements contain parts that are used for supporting and moving the workpiece and cutting tool fall under this category. For instance: Table, carriage, knee, tailstock etc.

Machine tool structure must satisfy the subsequent requirement:

(1) The initial geometrical correctness of the structure should be maintained for the whole life of the machine tool.

(2) All mating surfaces of the structure have to be machined with a high degree of accuracy to give the desired geometrical accuracy.

(3) The shape and size of structure should not just only provide safe operation and maintenance of the machine tool but also make sure that working stresses and deformation should not exceed specific limits.

(4) The selection of material and high static and dynamic stiffness are the basic need to fulfill above-mentioned requirement.

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