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Civil Engineering Works:

Civil costs can be computed based on preliminary sketches or drawings. In case of standard equipment installation, these can be based on historical data available with the Utility. The rate of local construction material available in the area of project and published rate of basic materials such as cement and steel as prevailing in the market may be used for these reasons. Generally, the following kinds of construction are envisaged:

i)   The equipment foundations; and

ii)  Buildings

The foundation costs should be estimated in terms of composite volume of RCC while the buildings costs, if any, could be estimated in terms of plinth area in sq.m. Building costs can also be estimated in terms of composite RCC that entails ingredients like PCC, earthwork, shuttering and finishing in standard proportions. The crux of the matter is that the project department must have some mechanism of estimating the civil engineering costs. Thereafter, the work is simply decrease to applying the average rate for $. of RCC/cu m and $./sq m for the foundations and buildings, correspondingly.

These rates are subject to variation in a band of ± 10% depending on the area. Also, a correction must be applied to account for common inflation in order to update the rates from time to time.

Further, there may be incidence of land acquisition, leveling of the similar, construction of roads, boundary walls, paved area, etc., which have to be estimated and accounted for in the civil engineering costs. Thus, the elements of total civil engineering costs can be listed as follows that may or may not be applicable in all the cases.

Total Civil Engineering Costs
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