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Main cost components:

We can remain on adding new features in the scheme development and increase the time frame to accommodate future demand, etc., but the overriding/limiting factors are the advantages emerging from every scheme component and the overall bankability of the DPR.

Once this exercise is judiciously completed, it is better to make an in-house presentation of the scheme elements to several hierarchical levels in the utility. The suggestions/recommendations from various levels are expected to enrich the schemes. Once the scheme has been firmed up through quantifying its technical and commercial advantages, we required to initiate steps for acquired finances for implementation. At this stage of scheme development, it is also considered necessary to firm up the methodology of implementation of each scheme component. You have to decide whether it has to be executed on turnkey basis or unit rate basis, since it has bearing on the cost estimates.

We now elaborate the main cost components that should figure in the DPR.

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