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Computing in Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Neural Network In Planning Problem Of CIM

Neural Network In Planning Problem Of CIM


In easy terms, a neural network can be observes as an artificially built computational model of human brain. The forms incorporating neural networks suppose that the computation is distributed over some simple units named as neurons such are inter-connected and operate in parallel. Thus, neural networks are termed as also connectionist systems or parallel distributed processing systems. An easy model of a neuron has been shown in figure. At this point, output signal Yj is a function f of the total of weighted input signals Xi. The structure of the network is found by the manner whether interneuron links are arranged. A learning algorithm governs the procedure of adjustment of link strength or its training to realize a needed overall behaviour of the network.

The neural networks are categorized into two broad categories as per to their structure:

(a)   Feed-forward Networks, and

(b)   Recurrent Networks.

                               809_Neural Network In Planning Problem Of CIM.png

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