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Elements of Communication Process Model:


In this model the first part is the source of the communication from where the communication originates. A source or sender could be a person, group, or even a machine. The sender initiates communication since s/he has some need, thought, idea or information which s/he wishes to convey to the other person, persons or machine. If, for instance, fire has broken out accidentally in a few part of a godown in a factory, the security officer (source) will required to convey the message immediately to the fire station (receiver). Fire alarm (machine) could also function as the source on the other hand of the security officer.

Encoding the Message:

The information to be transmitted has to be encoded as encoding and enables the thoughts to be put within the form of symbols. Generally language provides the symbols which are used in the transmission of thoughts to another person. Therefore, non-verbal means such as, gestures, like wink, smile, grunt, frown wave of hand, etc. provide another form by that thoughts can be transmitted. Same, an involuntary shriek may adequately convey the degree of alarm felt by the victim.

Channel Decoding
Feedback and Noise
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