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Create constructive environment for the expression of ideas: If you could create a climate in that people obtain confidence which what they say will be listened to with sympathy and considered constructively, you could be sure of a successful and creative communication. This is, therefore, possible only in an environment of trust that has to be produced through the management through its policies and actions.

Be careful about your non-verbal communication: Because you hold a status higher than your subordinates, your gestures are observed and 'felt' through your subordinates. Your body language, thus, must be supportive of your communication by words. One of the powerful means of communication is your actions which speak louder than terms. If you expect your communication to be effectual, ensure that your actions are consistent with your words.

Develop and use organisational structures which minimize the chances of filtering the communication: Decentralisation of authority and broadening of span of control could be attempted to reduce the levels in the organisation and minimize the authority filters.

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