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Suggestions for Change Implementation:

A Analyze the organisation and it's required for change:  Look at the company's history of changes (successes & failures), patterns of resistance; analyze the forces for and against change (Force field analysis).

B Create a shared vision and general direction:  This should reflect the core values of the organization; the vision should involve the rationale, the advantages, and personal ramifications, between others.

C  Develop  a non-threatening   and  preferably  participative  implementation procedure:   Present   plans   skillfully,   share   data and  make  it  readily available;  explain  the  advantages  for  end  users;  begin  small  &  easy;  go for quick wins; publicize successes.

D Separate from the past: if required.

E  Create a sense of urgency

F  Support a strong leader role: The change advocate role is critical for creating a vision, motivating employees to embrace which vision and crafting a structure to reward those who strive towards the realisation of the vision.

G  Line  up  political   sponsorship:   Broad  based   support   (both  formal   and informal) is significant for success; identify goal individuals and groups whose support is required;  describe the critical mass of support  required;  identify where every  key  player  is  on  the  continuum  (from  "no  commitment",   "might  let  it happen", "help it to happen" to "make it happen").

H Craft an implementation plan: This plan maps out the effort.

I  Develop enabling structures: Examples involve Pilot tests, off-site workshops, new reward systems, training programmes, symbolic changes such as redesigned work spaces.

J Communicate along with and included people and be honest: Every change effort might not call for full involvement, communication and disclosure but most do; while possible, there should be a useful dialogue which provides people a stake in the change.

K  Reinforce   & institutionalise   change:   It is significant   to reinforce   the change; reward those who take risks & incorporate the new behaviours.

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