Errors and Obstacles in Chaining Assignment Help

Chain Surveying - Errors and Obstacles in Chaining

Errors and Obstacles in Chaining:

Errors in Chaining

Any field surveying involving chain surveying is fraught along with several errors involving observational errors, affecting the accuracies of measurements and mapping. It is necessary to identify, rectify and adjust these errors before the results of surveying could be used for any engineering applications. The errors could be widely classified as

(a) Instrumental errors, and

(b) Observational errors.

Instrumental errors are caused through imperfections in instruments, wear and tear of instruments because of continuous use and their rough handling. Instruments are therefore needed to be tested for accuracy, adjusted and calibrated at often intervals to ensure in which the results of surveying exercises are well within the prescribed limits of accuracy and tolerances.

Correction for Erroneous Length of Chain Gross Errors
Observational errors Random or Accidental Errors
Systematic Errors

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