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Capacitance in Series and Parallel:

Capacitors in Series

Let,      C1, C2, C3 = capacitance of each capacitor,

              V1, V2, V3 = voltage gradient across each capacitor, and

                             C = equivalent capacitance.

In this case, charge on each of the capacitor is same but potential difference is different.

1471_Capacitance in Series and Parallel.png

Figure: Capacitors in Series

V = V1 + V2 + V3            (as capacitors are in series)

or         Q/C =  Q/C1  +  Q/C2 +  Q/C3  ⇒ 1 /C =  1/C1  +  1/C2 +  1/C3 

⇒         C = C1C2C3 / (C1 C2 + C2 C3+ C3 C1)

Capacitors in Parallel

In this case, potential difference is same but charge is different on each capacitor

∴          Q = Q1  + Q2  + Q3

or         CV  = C1 V + C2 V + C3 V

or         C = C1  + C2  + C

478_Capacitance in Series and Parallel1.png

Figure: Parallel Capacitors

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