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Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

Hot and humid atmosphere and inadequate intake of water could lead to a heat stroke. It is a serious and frequent fatal condition. Heat stroke is an entirely various reaction in the human body, to the similar conditions, that provide rise to heat exhaustion. The victim shows mental excitement, vomiting, restlessness, muscular cramps and high temperature.


  • Wrap the patient up completely within cold water soaked bed sheet.
  • Fan vigorously.
  • Send for doctor.


Heat exhaustion occurs between workers in stuffy atmosphere or in overheated, poorly ventilated rooms. The person might feel giddy or faint. The skin of the victim is always cold and moisture retention through wearing loose clothing, drinking large quantities of water is probable.


a. Remove patient to cooler conditions within the fresh air.

b. Lay him/her down and loosen all clothing around neck.

c. Fan him/her vigorously.

d. Dash cold water on the neck and head to stimulate the victim.

There is scientifically approved technique to resurrect a person who has met along with an electrical accident and we denote some of them here.

This is only for information and awareness. Please do not try these methods unless you are trained in them.

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