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Types of Machine Tools

Machine tools are classified such as:

General Purpose Machine Tool

The machine tool that is able to carry out all the metal cutting operations in their range of operation is called as general purpose machine tool. These are also called as basic machine tool. For example engine lathe, drilling machine, milling machine, grinding machine, boring machine, shaping and planing machine etc. General purpose machine tools are classified further accordingly with surface produced and are as follows:

For Cylindrical Work

Centre lathe, capstan lathe, bar turret lathe, cylindrical grinder, boring machine, etc.

For Surface Work

By Reciprocating Motion : Planing, slotting , shaping, and broaching machines etc.

By Rotary and Translatory Motion:Milling machine, surface grinding machine, lathe etc.

For Producing or Enlarging Hole

Lathes, honing machine, boring machine, broaching machine, drilling machine,  etc.

For Gear Cutting

Milling machine, pinion cutter machine and Rack cutter, hobbing machine etc.

For Thread Cutting

Lathe screw cutting machine, thread milling, tapping, thread rolling machine ,thread grinding, etc.

Production and Special Purpose Machine Tools
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