Generalized Stochastic PETRI NETS Or GSPN Assignment Help

Basic Introduction To PETRI NETS - Generalized Stochastic PETRI NETS Or GSPN

Generalized Stochastic PETRI NETS Or GSPN

We provide the given definitions before explaining Generalized Stochastic Petri nets or GSPNs.

Definition 16: Timed Transitions

The requirement for introduction of time into the Petri nets led to the idea of timed transition. The timed transition's natural interpretation is that a system in a provided stated enters in a reachable state, specific amount of time should pass. In order to differentiate a timed transition from an instantaneous or immediate transition, a timed transition is indicated by a horizontal or vertical bar while the immediate transition is denoted by a line. Following figures (a) and (b) depict the instantaneous or immediate and timed transition respectively in a Petri net.

                                                           2450_Generalized Stochastic PETRI NETS Or GSPN.png

                                                    Figure: (a) An Immediate Transition  (b) A Timed Transition


Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets or GSPN

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