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Phase Angle:

This is the angle of alternating quantity with respect to the reference position.

Phase Difference:

While the maxima and minima of two sinusoidal alternating quantities (of same frequency) do not occur at the same instant of time, then these two quantities are said to have phase difference.

1053_Phase Angle and Phase Difference.png


 If the current waveform of Figure (a) is supposed to be reference wave, then Figure (a) illustrated the lagging current.

1456_Phase Angle and Phase Difference1.png

Figure (a) : Reference Current Waveform

i = I m  sin (ωt - φ)

 This equation illustrated that current is lagging (or running behind) the reference wave by an angle φ.

Leading Current by an Angle φ

Figure (b) illustrates the leading current by an angle φ by the reference wave of Figure (a).

i = I m  sin (ωt + φ)

503_Phase Angle and Phase Difference2.png

Figure (b) : Leading Current Waveform

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