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Multiplying Whole Numbers:

Multiplication is the procedure of counting a number two or more times.  It could be considered a shortened form of addition. Therefore, to add the number 4 three times, 4 + 4 + 4, we can use multiplication terms, that is, 4 multiplied through 3.  While numbers are multiplied, the result is known as the product.  The numbers multiplied are called factors.  One factor is known as the multiplicand; the other is called the multiplier.  Multiplication is implies by the times or multiplication sign (x), by a raised dot (.), or by an asterick (*).

9          Multiplicand

x 4       x Multiplier


36        Product

In multiplying various numbers, the similar product is acquired even if the numbers are multiplied in a various order or even if some of the numbers are multiplied together before the last multiplication is made. These properties are known as the commutative and associative laws for multiplication.

Commutative and associative law
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