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Adding Whole Numbers:

While numbers are added, the result is known as the sum.  The numbers added are known as addends. Addition is implies via the plus sign (+).  To addition explain the concept of addition; we will use a number line to graphically represent the addition of two numbers.

Example:        Add the whole numbers 2 and 3.

Solution:         By using a line which is divided into equal segments we can graphically show this addition.

1539_Adding Whole Numbers.png

Beginning at zero, we first move two places to the right on the number line to represent the number 2.  We then move a further 3 places to the right to represent the addition of the number 3. The result corresponds to the position 5 on the number line.  Using this extremely basic approach we could see that 2 + 3 = 5.  Two rules govern the addition of whole numbers.

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