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Voltage-Controlled Current Sources:

Consider the circuit illustrated in Figure (a). By judicious redrawing it may be rearranged as in Figure (b) where it is simple to recognize an NIC terminated into R realizing a -R at input port of NIC. As a result, we obtain the equivalent circuit of Figure (c). Analysis of this equivalent circuit gives

I out    =  VL /- R + (VL  - Vm  ) / R = - Vm  /R

2134_Voltage-Controlled Current Sources.png

(a)                                                         (b)                                                       (c)

Figure: Realization of Voltage-controlled Current Sources

Therefore, the circuit of Figure (a) is an inverting VCCS.

A slightly different arrangement giving a non-inverting VCCS is illustrated in Figure (a).

357_Voltage-Controlled Current Sources1.png

(a)                                                            (b)

Figure: A Non-inverting VCCS using an Op-amp

With some re-arrangement the circuit may be redrawn as in Figure (b) where once again, we may identify an NIC. For the NIC, we have

                                                                        V1 = V2  = VL

also as the two resistors around the NIC are identical, we have  i1 = i2. But

i  = (Vm  - V1 ) /R and i2  = Iout - (V2 /R) = iout  - V1/R . From these equations, it follows that

(Vm  - V1  )/R = iout  - V1 /R which leads to

                                 Iout  =+ Vm /R

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