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Current Controlled Voltage Sources:

The circuit is illustrated in Figure, since, non inverting input terminal is connected to ground, because of infinite gain and negative feedback, the inverting input terminal is forced to have ground potential (virtual ground) because of which Vm = 0.

1641_Current Controlled Voltage Sources1.png

Figure: Inverting Current Controlled Voltage Source

Also, because infinite Zin, no current is drawn by the op-amp input terminal.


Iin  = 0 - V0 / R0

or         V0  = - R0 Iin

and the circuit acts as an inverting CCVS.

Non-inverting CCVS can be obtained in two different ways as illustrated in Figure

2461_Current Controlled Voltage Sources.png

Figure: Non-inverting CCVS Structures

(i)   By cascading an inverting VCVS with the circuit of a inverting CCVS, so that

                               V0  =- (R0  Iin)(-R2 /R1)   = + (R0 R 2)Iin or

 (ii) By putting a NIC with in the feedback path of the inverting CCVS, the analysis for which gives

                                                 V0        = +( R1 R0 / R2)Iin

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