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A Simple Program:

As stated before, a program is a sequence or series of very simple commands or instructions. A real world instance program might be the problem of crossing a busy street.

Step 1

Walk up to the traffic lights and stop.


Step 2

Look at the traffic light.

Step 3

Is your light green?

Step 4

If the light is red, goto step 2. (or else continue to step 5)

Step 5

Look to the left.

Step 6

Are there cars still passing by?

Step 7

If yes, goto step 5. (Otherwise continue to step 8).

Step 8

Look to the right.

Step 9

Are there cars still passing by? (By now there shouldn't be any).

Step 10

If yes, goto step 8. (Otherwise continue to step 11).

Step 11

Proceed across the street, carefully.

Program to fill a glass with water from a tap
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