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Application Of Neural Networks - Manufacturing Applications

Manufacturing Applications

The neural network's application for intelligent manufacturing, in current years has attracted lots of attention of the researchers and industrial sector. Research in such direction has spring up because of the availability of neural networks in resolving different kinds of computationally complex optimization problems. Neural networks have been applied to different manufacturing fields that are ranging from manufacturing system implemented to control of manufacturing processes. Following figure shows the application's classification of neural network to Intelligent Manufacturing. Such applications have been characterized into four categories as:

(a)    Design and Modelling of manufacturing systems, comprising part family and machine cell formation for cellular manufacturing systems;

(b)   Scheduling, planning and modelling of manufacturing processes;

(c)    Control and monitoring of manufacturing processes; and

(d)   Quality assurance, quality control, and fault diagnosis.


                     1392_Manufacturing Applications.png

                       Figure: Hierarchy of Neural Network Applications in Intelligent Manufacturing

Each these aforementioned applications of neural network have represents satisfactory results thereby, showing their possible main impact over the future manufacturing paradigm.

Control and Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes Design and Modelling
Design and Modelling of Manufacturing Systems Modelling, Planning and Scheduling of Manufacturing Processes
Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Fault Diagnosis

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