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Wrought Al Alloys

This aluminium alloys are acquired by addition of Mn and Mg. The Al-Mn and Al-Mg alloys cannot be heat treated. Al-Mn alloy combines high ductility along with excellent corrosion resistance. Beverage cans, cooking utensils and roofing sheets are made in Al-Mn alloy.

Al alloy that responds to heat treatment via age hardening are Al-Cu, Al-Cu-Mg and Al-Mg- Silicon. Several Al alloys, their composition and applications are explained in Table. Duralumin is one that alloy such contain 4 percent Copper and small amounts of Mg, Mn and Silicon. Subsequent to heat treatment this alloy develops UTS of 450-550 MPa and finds employ in aircraft structures.

Apart from cast and wrought alloys the superior tonnage as about 85percent of Al is utilized in commercially pure form whether impurities are less than 1%. Al extrusions, rods, tube, wire, chemical process equipment, electrical conductors, foils and a lot of architectural fittings are made in commercially pure Al. The aluminium properties are explained in Table.

Table: Several Aluminium Alloys - Properties and Applications




Composition (% )

UTS/Elongation (% ) N/mm2


Characteristics and Applications

EC - O

99.5 Al (mini)


Ductile, high electrical conductivity

3003 - O

3003 - H16

98.8 Al, 1.2 Mn

98.8 Al, 1.2 Mn



Good formability and corrosion resistance weldable, storage and utensils

2024 - T4

93 Al, 4.5 Cu, 1.5 Mg,

0.5 Si, 0.5 Mn


High strength, aircraft parts, bridges, rivers

5056 - H18

5056 - O

94.6 Al, 5.2 Mg, 0.3 Mn

94.6 Al, 5.2 Mg, 0.3 Mn



Good corrosion resistance to sea water good finish when buffed or anodized, marine parts, cooking utensils, bus bodies

6061 - T6

6061 - O

98 Al, 1 Mg, 0.6 Si, 0.4 Cu

98 Al, 1 Mg, 0.6 Si, 0.4 Cu


Good corrosion resistance and formability, general structure, anodized articles, marine and transport parts

7075 - T6


7075 - O

90 Al, 5.5 Zn, 2.5 Mg,

1.7 Cu, 0.3 Cr

90 Al, 5.5 Zn, 2.5 Mg,

1.7 Cu, 0.3 Cr




High strength and corrosion resistance, aircraft parts, bridges

Table: Typical Properties of Aluminium

Sl. No.




Purity %

99.5 Al, 0.25 Si, 0.25 Fe


Melting point oC



Sp. Gravity



Tensile strength, N/mm2

O - Temper

H - 18 Temper





Elongation % O - Temper

H - 18 Temper





Hardness BHN O - Temper

H - 18 Temper





Electrical conductivity* % IACS O - Temper

H - 18 Temper





Thermal conductivity

J/m2/oC/s at 25oC



Corrosion resistance

Very good in rural marine and industrial, atmosphere

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