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Q. Write short notes on Configuration Management?

Software configuration management is a bunch of tracking and control activities that begin when a software project begins and terminate merely when the software is taken out of operation. Configuration control has the subsequent meanings

  • The management of security features as well as assurances through control of changes made to software, firmware, hardware, test, documentation, test fixtures and test documentation of an automated information system throughout the development and operational life of a system. Source Code Management as well as revision control is part of this.
  • The control of changes comprising the recording thereof that are made to the firmware, hardware, software and documentation throughout the system lifecycle.
  • The control as well as adaption of the evolution of complex systems. It is the discipline of observance evolving software products under control and thus contributes to satisfying quality and delay constraints. SCM denotes Software configuration management it can be divided into two areas. The first as well as older area of SCM concerns the storage of the entities produced during the software development project sometimes referred to as component repository management. The second area apprehension the activities performed for the production and/or change of these entities that the term engineering support is often used to refer this second area.
  • Subsequent to establishing a configuration such as that of a telecommunications or computer system the evaluating and approving changes to the configuration and to the interrelationships among system components.
  • In DQDB (distributed-queue dual-bus) networks the function that ensures the resources of all nodes of a DQDB network are configured into a correct dual-bus topology. The functions that are supervised include the head of external timing source, bus and default slot generator functions.


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