Write a short note on rs-232-c, Electrical Engineering

Write a short note on RS-232-C.

The RS-232 standard is a collection of connection standards among different pieces of equipment. The EIA RS-232 serial communication standard is a universal standard, initially used to join teletype terminals to modem devices. Within a modern PC the RS-232 interface is termed as a COM port. The COM port utilizes a 9-pin D-type connector as in figure (a)) to attach to the RS-232 cable. This RS-232 standard shows a 25-pin D-type connector as in refer figure (b) but IBM decreased this connector to a 9-pin device in order to reduce cost and size.

1896_Figure (a) Female and Male.png

Figure (a) Female and Male "DB-9" Connector

829_Figure (b) Female and Male.png

Figure (b) Female and Male "DB-25" Connector

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