Write a short note about schedulers, Operating System

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Write a short note about schedulers.

Processes migrate between the various scheduling queues throughout its life time. The operating system should select for scheduling purposes, processes as of these queues in some fashion. The selection process is hold out by the appropriate Scheduler.

In a batch system habitually more processes are spooled to a mass-storage device where they are kept for later execution. The Job scheduler or Long-term scheduler selects processes from this pool and loads them into memory for implementation. The CPU scheduler or Short-term scheduler selects from among the processes that are ready to execute and allocates the CPU to one of them.

The primary distinction among these two schedulers is the frequency of their implementation. The short-term scheduler should select a new process for the CPU frequently. A process may implement for only a few milliseconds before waiting for an I/O request.

The long-term scheduler alternatively, implement much less frequently. There may possibly be minutes between the creations of new processes in the system. The long-term scheduler manages of the Degree of multiprogramming the number of process in the memory. If the degree of multiprogramming is steady after that the process leaves the system. Therefore the long-term scheduler may require to be invoked only when a process leaves the system. For the reason that the long interval between the executions the long-term scheduler is able to afford to take more time to select a process for execution.


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