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Write a program to use a robot to move the stack of blocks from a source location to a target location, based. Movement of robot arms, picking and dropping, can be controlled using the Robot class methods described below.

The Robot allows the following actions (methods): up(), down(), extend(), contract(), raise(), lower(), pick(), drop(),speedUp(), slowDown(). These are further described in the following descriptions.

• The height (h) of the main arm may be changed by 1 unit, using methods up() and down(). The height (h) of this arm is in the range 2 to 13, and is initially set to 2.

• The second arm may be moved horizontally by 1 unit using extend() or contract(). The width (w) is in the range 1 to 10, and is initially set to 1.

• The depth (d) of the third arm may be changed by 1 unit using lower() or raise(). The depth cannot be less than 0 but must be less than the height of the main arm ( d < h ). In the initial depth of the third arm is set to 0 (that is, the arm is not visible).

• The Robot class has two other methods, slowDown (int factor) and speedUp (int factor) to adjust the time between moves by the amount specified in factor.

• A block can be picked up from the top of the stack of blocks at the source, using pick().

• A block may be dropped at the top of the stack of blocks at one of the two target piles (one for even height blocks, one for odd height blocks) using drop(), depending on the height of the block.

The height of blocks can only be 1, 2, 3 or 4. Blocks of heights 1 and 3 must be dropped on the "odd" target pile in column 1, and blocks of heights 2 and 4 must be dropped on the "even" target pile in column 2.

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