write a program that calculates points along a curve, C/C++ Programming

write a program that calculates points along a rhodonea curve....

? int fillArray( double data[ ], int nValues, double min, double max );
o Used to fill in the theta array. Returns the number of values
successfully filled, which will normally be nValues if the input is
good or zero if the input is bad.
? double cos_nd_theta( int n, int d, double theta, int *eCode );
o Calculates cos( n/d * theta ). Sets eCode to -1 if there are
problems with the input, or zero otherwise.
? int rose( double theta[ ], double r[ ], int nValues, int n, int d )
o Calls cos_nd_theta nValues times to fill in r given theta.
o Returns zero if all input is good or a negative value otherwise.
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