Write a procedure to add and subtract-money, C/C++ Programming

Money is immutable and is associated with a currency. When two money entities are added or subtracted be sure to consider currency conversion. You must create a money object resulting from the addition or subtraction which has the same currency as the first money entity passed to the add-money or subtract-money procedure.

(a) You are required to write the procedures: add-money and subtract-money. The procedures add-money and subtract-money have 2 arguments, both being Money.

(b) You are required to write the procedures: multiply-money and divide-money. The multiply-money and divide-money have 2 arguments, the first of which is Money, the second of which is a number.

(c) You must also write a make-money procedure, which has 2 arguments, the amount as a number and a currency, which is a symbol.

(d) Write accessor procedures for the amount and currency parts of a Money object.

(e) Write a money-as procedure. This procedure has 2 arguments, the first of which is Money, the second of which is a currency symbol. The procedure returns a new Money object of the currency requested.

(f) You must also implement a currency procedure which has a symbol argument, c, that returns the currency conversion value for that currency. Assume that 'dollars, 'pounds, and 'euros are valid currencies. The currency procedure returns #f for all other currencies. The conversion value for 'dollars should be 1.0, 0.636 for 'pounds and 0.756 for 'euros. An example is shown below:

(define dollar-amount (make-money 100 'dollars)) ; Make a $100
(define pound-amount (make-money 100 'pounds)) ; Make 100 pounds
(define dollars-plus-pounds (add-money dollar-amount pound-amount)) ; Result should be dollars
(define pounds-plus-dollars (subtract-money pound-amount dollar-amount)) ; Result should be pounds
(currency 'euros) ; Result should be 0.756


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