Why do we need to learn finance, Financial Management

Why do we need to learn finance

The questions that you may thinking about right now are "Why do we need to learnfinance?  Shall we not leave it to people who are going to specialise in finance?Finance will not help me in the area that I am going to work in, so why learn?" It is to say that knowledge of finance doesn't add any value to you.  Is it so? Think about it. 

When you get your pocket money from your parents, you don't go out and blow theentire money in one day because if you do, your parents aren't going to give you more money to last through that month.  You quickly determine that you need to plan your expenditure so that money lasts throughout the month and you may in fact plan to save someof it. Those who don't get enough to meet their requirements, think about some clever means to raise more money (such as falling sick!). On the other hand if they need more money for the month due to certain special events (such as Valentine's Day) they can plan to borrow money for a month and repay in next month.


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