What type of operations takes place inside microprocessors, JAVA Programming

What type of operations takes place inside Microprocessors Building Blocks? Enlist them along with brief description.

Bus Interface Unit: The bus interface unit is the part of the processor in which interfaces along with the rest of the PC. Its name comes from the fact in which it deals along with moving information over the processor data bus.

Instruction Decoder: The instruction decoder of a processor is a combinatorial circuit sometimes within the form of a read-only memory, sometimes in the form of an ordinary combinatorial circuit.

Arithmetic & Logic Unit (ALU): An arithmetic and logical unit (ALU) also called as "Integer Unit" is one of the core elements of all central processing units. It is capable of calculating the results of a huge variety of general computations.

Floating-Point Unit (FPU): A floating point unit (FPU) is a part of a CPU specially designed to carry out operations on floating point numbers.
Registers: A register is a device for storing data. It is a little amount of extremely fast computer memory used to speed the execution of computer programs through providing quick access to generally used values.

Control Unit: A control unit is the part of a CPU or other device which directs its operation. The outputs of the unit control the activity of the rest of the device.

Instruction Set: This is the set of machine instructions in which a microprocessor recognizes and can execute. It is the just language microprocessor knows.

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